New Partnership Could Boost Ridership For Greater Portland Metro

Nov 17, 2018

The Greater Portland Metro Bus system is being asked to be a partner in a mixed-use development planned for the site of the former Pike Industries quarry in Westbrook.

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The developers say they can access millions of dollars in tax free bond money if Metro leases the project's roadway infrastructure. Developer Waterstone would actually give Metro the money to make the lease payments.

General Manager Greg Jordan says Metro is interested in the development because of its potential to generate transit ridership.

“Transit can be an important contributor to our regional goals of reducing traffic, reducing congestion, improving air quality, so we want to have kid of a seat at the table, as it relates to designing this project in a way that's transit supportive,” says Jordan.

Jordan says Metro is still in the process of vetting the proposal which could be considered by Metro's board in late November.