Oil Refinery Explosion In Canada Shakes City Of Saint John

Oct 9, 2018

SAINT JOHN, New Brunswick - A massive explosion at an Irving Oil refinery has shaken the Canadian city of Saint John in the province of New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization spokesman Geoffrey Downey says Monday there were a couple minor injuries.
Litsa Daeres, 34, who lives nearby, said she just started preparing Canadian Thanksgiving dinner when she heard a "loud bang.'' She says her whole house shock and she thought her furnace exploded.
Flames were still visible Monday afternoon, and there were four separate sources of water being poured on the blaze.
The refinery is near several residential neighborhoods on Saint John's east side.
Downey says no evacuation orders had been issued, but there was an "order to shelter in place for anyone living in the direction of the plume.''