Order Banning Firewood Movement Expanded To York County After Pest Discovery

Sep 18, 2018

In a move to slow the spread of a dangerous tree-killing pest, Maine forestry officials have expanded an emergency order stopping the movement of certain ash products and untreated firewood from infested areas.

The emergency order was first issued in August after the May discovery of emerald ash borer in northern Aroostook County. The recent discovery of the pest in western York County prompted the expansion.

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry spokesperson John Bott says the ash borer has been found in Maine near known infestation areas in New Hampshire and Canada.

“The insect can move maybe a mile or two a year, naturally, but if you have infested firewood you can move it very quickly hundreds of miles,” he says.

It’s illegal to bring firewood into Maine from out of state.

The current stop movement order is in effect for the towns of Frenchville, Grand Isle and Madawaska in Aroostook County and the York County towns of Acton, Berwick, Lebanon and Shapleigh.