The Path to a Vaccine: Understanding the Research, Efficacy & Timetable for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Jul 20, 2020


All discussions about the end of the Covid-19 pandemic hinge on having a viable vaccine. We examine what it will take for this coveted vaccine to reach the stage where it can be widely administered, and can offer the necessary protection that will enable people worldwide to begin to return to normal life. We'll learn how research is progressing, how safety and efficacy will be tested, what it will take for the vaccine to be administered en masse, and how long it takes to be effective. And the big question: When can we expect all of this to happen?


Ingrid Katz, associate faculty director, Harvard Global Health Institute; affiliated with Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital; board-certified in infectious disease

Cat Lutz (call-in), senior director, mouse repository and in vivo pharmacology; senior research scientist; The Jackson Laboratory