Performing Arts During The Pandemic: How Has COVID-19 Affected Music, Dance & Theater In Maine?

Jul 21, 2020


From the start of the pandemic, with people staying home, those who work in the performing arts have lost their audiences and, most often, their sources of income. From musicians to actors to dancers to theater staff, it has been a particularly trying time for this creative segment in Maine. We discuss how they are faring, and what ways some have found to pivot.


Lauren Wayne, general manager, State Theatre in Portland

Carol Noonan, Stone Mountain Arts Center

Shoshona (Shoni) Currier (call-in), director, Bates Dance Festival

Spencer Albee (call-in), singer, songwriter, producer

Sara Juli (call-in), contemporary dance artist and leader; arts consultant

Dustin Tucker (call-in), theater, film and TV actor