Pingree Says She Is Worried About Trump's Commitment To Budget Deal

Jul 24, 2019

1st District Rep. Chellie Pingree says that while she believes budget differences between the House and Senate can be worked out, she worries President Trump could pull out of the agreement.

Rep. Pingree on April 29, 2019
Credit Maine Public File

"Appropriators do a good job working across the aisle, Republicans and Democrats but the President can change his mind in a moment," Pingree says.

Congressional leaders and the President have agreed to a plan that adds over $320 billion in new spending, raises the nation’s debt limit and ends the 2011 law that triggers automatic cuts in the case of a budget stalemate.

“There is more domestic spending in the House bill because the Democrats have increased things like early childhood education, other health and human services programs,” Pingree says. “There could be some sticking points with the Senate.”