Police Still Looking For Suspect In Attempted Robbery

Apr 4, 2019

Police in Portland are investigating an incident Tuesday night, in which a man fired two shots on a busy street while chasing another man he says tried to rob him.

The shooter told police that he was sitting in his car and was approached by a man who made a threatening gesture with his hand inside his sweatshirt and said he intended to rob him.

The man in the car then drew a concealed firearm, and chased the alleged robber down the street, firing two shots at him. Police are still searching for the man, but don't believe that he was hit.

Portland Police Lieutenant Robert Martin says the alleged victim's actions put people in harm's way.

“It was just a very dangerous situation firing rounds at a person running from you in that situation,” Martin says.

Police say the alleged robber has been described as about 6 feet tall, black and in his early twenties.