Police Trying To Identify Man Found Dead Near Railroad Tracks In Portland

Feb 24, 2020

Police are working to identify a man found dead Sunday afternoon near railroad tracks in Portland.  Portland Police Lt. Robert Martin says officials believe the man was homeless, in his 50s and was struck by a train.  

"Right now we're trying to identify which train hit him," Martin says. "There were a number that had gone through in a short period of time Sunday morning."

Martin says the  area where the man was found is frequented by homeless people with several camps in nearby woods who use the tracks to walk in and out.  "The woods are pretty thick in there, and the people are known to walk between Park Avenue where MacDonald's is, that area, across that trestle and work their way into those woods."

Martin says a final determination of cause and manner of the man's death will be made by the Chief Medical Examiner's office.