Portland Drivers: The Yield On The Bus Means Move On Back

Nov 12, 2020

Drivers will now have to have to yield to some public transit buses around the Portland area.

Greater Portland Metro General Manager Greg Jordan says drivers will see their new instruction right on the back of the bus.

Yield signs to be installed on Portland's bus fleet.
Credit Greater Portland Metro

“On seven of our new buses that recently came in, there’s going to be an upside-down yellow triangle on the rear of the bus and it says ‘yield,’” he says.

A state law passed last year will require drivers to obey that instruction. Jordan says the new law will help keep bus riders and drivers safe as buses pull away from curbs.

“We think this will allow for safer traffic re-entry for buses moving back into traffic. Safer for the bus and bus passengers themselves, as well as safer for motorists,” he says.

He says it’ll will also help buses run their routes more quickly, improving service for transit riders.

The first of the new buses will go into service Nov. 15. All 44 buses in Metro’s fleet will have them by early 2021.