Prescription Drug Costs: The Search for Solutions As Prices for Prescription Drugs Skyrocket

Apr 8, 2019


On a per capita basis, inflation-adjusted retail prescription drug spending in the U.S. increased from $90 in 1960 to $1,025 in 2017, according to Peterson-Kaiser’s Health System Tracker. Why are prescription drug prices so high, what effects do these costs have on people, and what can be done about it? We discuss some of the legislation that has been introduced to address this escalating problem.


Lisa Nolan, director of value-based purchasing, Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine

Lori Parham, state director, AARP Maine

Sen. Troy Jackson (by phone), Maine Senate president, D-Allagash

Sen. Robert Foley (by phone), Maine state senator, R-York

Jane Horvath, principal, Horvath Health Policy