Puffins: How Conservationists Continue to Bring Maine's Puffin Population Back to Healthy Levels

Aug 26, 2019

Credit Brian Bechard / Maine Public

Puffins were once on the brink of extinction, but efforts by Maine scientists have succeeded in bringing the population back. There are now 1,300 nesting pairs on five Maine islands. We’ll talk with puffin experts about the threats facing this unique seabird, and how conservation efforts continue to protect puffins and their habitat in the face of climate change as well as other threats.

This show is being done in conjunction with Maine Public's recent reporting on puffin conservation, and is part of Maine Calling's ongoing coverage of what is iconic in Maine.


Steve Kress, executive director, seabird restoration program, vice president, bird conservation, National Audubon Society

Linda Welch, refuge biologist, Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge