Quebec Elections

Mar 31, 2014

 On April 7, people in Quebec will elect a new government, and for the first time in a while, the question of independence from Canada is part of the debate. It's been a raucous campaign, with polls shifting by the week. Learn what's going on and what's at stake as Quebec voters get ready to head for the polls.

Host Jennifer Rooks discusses Quebec's elections on April 7 with:

Tony Brinkley, Professor of English, Faculty Associate, Franco-American Centre

Louis Balthazar, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Political Science of the University Laval

Paola Samuel, Global TV/Montreal

It all started on March fifth, when the premiere of Quebec, Pauline Marios, dissolved the National Assembly and called for elections on April 7. Canada's government is a parliamentary democracy and it has not been a boring campaign. There's been mudslinging, a millionaire media executive has entered the race, potential Quebec independence has reemerged as a big issue, and the list goes on. The campaign in Quebec has gone almost uncovered here in the US.