Restless Mind

Oct 4, 2019

Today’s poem is “Restless Mind” by Dave Morrison.  Dave was born outside of Boston and spent the early part of his life playing in rock bands in Boston and New York City. He lives in Camden and just released Refuge, his 13th poetry collection.

He writes, “My brain is like a cat going after a laser pointer - great bursts of energy, but rarely in one direction. The moments of peace are precious.”

Restless Mind
by Dave Morrison

My mind was restless so
I turned it loose in the
house and it did pretty much
what you’d expect: ran from 
room to room looking at, touching
and sniffing random objects,
knocked half the books off
the shelves and read a paragraph
of each, looked at the fridge
four or five times, checked
voicemail and email and the
mailbox and the thermostat
and the sump pump, ordered
things from catalogs, fought
with the cat, wrote angry
letters and tore them up, wept
over photo albums, played the
radio, tried on clothes, 
rearranged the cupboards…

On the bright side, it gave my
soul a half-hour to sit
quietly and gaze out
the window.

Poem copyright ©2019 Dave Morrison. Reprinted from Refuge, JukeBooks, 2019, by permission of the author.