Rule To Limit Abortion Referrals Off Table In Maine For Now

Jul 6, 2019

A new rule that limits referrals by abortion providers will not take effect in Maine or any other state, due to a Federal Appeals Court action.

The legal maneuvering concerns a Trump administration rule that opponents often call the "abortion gag rule." The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced new rules this year to prohibit family planning clinics funded by the federal Title X program from making abortion referrals.

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Maine denied a request by the Center for Reproductive Rights to block the Trump administration's new rules. Later that day the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted a motion for rehearing.

In a press release, Maine Family Planning says this ruling prevents Health and Human Services from enforcing the Title X rule in any way across the country.

Maine Family Planning President and CEO George Hill says, while the organization is relieved that the rule will not go into effect immediately, the fight is not over. Hill says the new rules could jeopardize Maine Family Planning's 18 clinics, as well as access to abortion.