Sen. King: Trump Has No Good Options In Regards To Afghanistan

Aug 22, 2017

FILE: Sen. Angus King I-Maine, attends the christening ceremony for the USS Raphael Peralta, the 35th Arleigh Burke Class Missile Destroyer to be built by Bath Iron Works, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, in Bath, Maine.
Credit AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File

Independent Maine Senator Angus King is “hopeful” President Trump’s Afghanistan strategy could help stabilize the region.

King says President Trump has no good options when it comes to Afghanistan and the war on terrorism. He says withdrawing U.S. troops would have disastrous consequences.

“No central government and an absolute free reign for Al-Qaida, ISIS, the Taliban and probably a half dozen other terrorist organizations,” King says. “That’s a threat to us.”

He says a big surge of U.S. combat troops has been tried and didn’t work and the President telling Pakistan they can no longer harbor terrorist groups may be the most significant part of his speech. King hopes Trump’s plan of focusing on getting other nations involved, both with military action and providing economic aid, will stabilize the country.

“The importance in the long run may be the notice that he served on Pakistan that they can’t continue to be just a sort of ally, accept our military and other aid, and yet at the same time provide cover and sanctuary for terrorist groups,” he says.