Senate Votes to Block Net Neutrality Repeal, But The Plan Might Not Make It To The House

May 17, 2018

Both of Maine's U.S. senators have joined a majority of their colleagues by voting to block a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plan to repeal net neutrality rules. However, Democratic Representative Chellie Pingree says the measure may never get a vote in the House.

“The Republicans would much rather not take a vote on this and I think that is a big mistake. I actually think it will be an election year issue,” Pingree says.

A supporter of net neutrality, Pingree says the Senate vote is probably only symbolic because House Republican leaders will never allow the legislation to come to a vote in the House. Pingree says she would like to see a vote because she believes it has bipartisan support and could pass. She predicts it may become a campaign issue in the Fall.

“This should be treated just like a basic utility, like electricity,” she says. “It’s very hard to be a student, conduct your daily business, run a business, without access to the internet.”

The new rule on internet service providers passed by the FCC take effect June 10.

Maine’s other member of Congress, Bruce Poliquin, does not support the legislation passed in the Senate that would keep net neutrality rules.