Sept. 25: Assessing The Newest Poll And Why Maine Could Have An Outsize Role In This Election

Sep 25, 2020

It’s time again for Maine’s Political Pulse.

Credit Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

Maine Public's Chief Political Correspondent Steve Mistler and Senior Political Correspondent Mal Leary speak with Morning Edition’s Irwin Gratz about Maine's 2nd Congressional District's tug on the national spotlight this year.

According to Steve there's more to it than flipping one House seat back to the Republicans.

And. as we've mentioned, as your TV has mentioned, and probably your neighbors - some of that attention is directed toward the U.S. Senate race for the seat currently occupied by Republican Susan Collins. This week Steve and Mal spent some time discussing how different constituencies are responding to that campaign. Mal takes look at last week's poll out of Colby College, which shows the race is almost a dead heat, and he tells us what else it might mean.


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