Singin' in the Rain

Aug 1, 2018

Singin' in the Rain
August 8 to August 25
Maine State Music Theater

Maine Public is excited to be a media sponsor of Maine State Music Theatre’s production of Singin' in the Rain starting on August 8th and ending on August 25.

When the transition was being made from silent films to "talkies," everyone had trouble adapting. Singin' in the Rain captures this period of cinematic history with some hilarious performances, outstanding musical classics like "Broadway Melody,” "Make Em’ Laugh,” "Good Morning,” and the show-stopping title number, and dance scenes that you just have to see!

Check out the exclusive "Sneak Preview" of the production courtesy of Maine State Music Theatre's Artistic Director, Curt Dale Clark:

Visit the Maine State Music Theatre's website, MSMT.ORG, or give them a call at 207-725-8769 to secure tickets.