Southern Maine Communities Launch Joint Effort To Combat Opioid Crisis

Jan 24, 2019

The Greater Portland Council of Governments is launching a pilot project to help municipalities  address the opioid crisis.  At a workshop in Falmouth Wednesday night, town leaders began the process of developing a comprehensive action plan. 

"We've all been very, very mindful of trying to set this up, not just something for value for Falmouth, but something that can be replicated in any community," said Falmouth Town Manager Nathan Poore.


The council's Zoe Miller said while many towns are taking steps to tackle substance use, a more comprehensive approach is needed. "Ultimately it's a community problem and we can't leave health care and law enforcement alone to address it.  It really requires the whole community."


Six other communities from Scarborough to Westbrook are part of the project.  Poore says Falmouth will hold a community forum in March, and he hopes to have a draft blueprint by the summer.