Spiritualists, Mediums & Psychics: Communicating with the Dead and Connecting Beyond Normal Senses

Oct 31, 2019

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Author Mira Ptacin has written about a Maine community that has served as a gathering place for spiritualists and mediums for more than a century. We’ll discuss the belief in communicating with the dead as well as connecting with the past, present and future worlds beyond the use of normal senses.


Mira Ptacin, author, “The In-Betweens: The Spiritualists, Mediums and Legends of Camp Etna,” nonfiction, children’s books, New York Times best-selling ghostwriter.

Dr. Barbara Williams, professional psychic medium, healer and medical intuitive who resides in Maine; teaches psychic development; organizes several different spiritual, paranormal and psychic development classes throughout Maine, New Hampshire and California; active participant in paranormal investigations; Ph.D., metaphysics.

Rev. Christina Sillari, minister, First Parish in Portland since 2010; Master of Divinity; master’s in psychology with a focus on yoga and mind/body health; has worked as a therapist, yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and group leader.