Tom Gjelten

Aug 30, 2017

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This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (May 9); no calls will be taken.

Since 1965, the percentage of the US population born outside the country has tripled, changing many American communities. Immigration became a central issue in the Presidential campaign, and rhetoric around immigration issues continues to divide the country. NPR's Tom Gjelten explores the modern immigrant experience in his book A Nation of Nations.

Guest:  Tom Gjelten covers issues of religion, faith, and belief for NPR News, a beat that encompasses such areas as the changing religious landscape in America, the formation of personal identity, the role of religion in politics, and social and cultural conflict arising from religious differences. His reporting draws on his many years covering national and international news from posts in Washington and around the world. He’ll discuss current events and his most recent book: A Nation of Nations: A Great American Immigration Story.

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