Vaccination: We Discuss Disease Outbreaks, Exemption Bill, National News & Debate

Mar 12, 2019


In the face of more disease outbreaks here and in other states, a bill introduced in Maine addresses the issue of vaccinations required by schools. It would eliminate the current exemptions that are offered for those who oppose vaccinations for philosophical or religious reasons. These exemptions are being debated across the country. We look at the ethical and legal ramifications for mandatory vaccinations in advance of a public hearing on the proposed legislation set for March 13.


Frank Chessa, director of clinical ethics, Maine Medical Center

Eliza Mette, health care attorney, Kozak & Gayer

Dr. Laura Blaisdell, pediatrician and health services researcher, InterMed

Rep. Ryan Tipping (by phone), District 123 Democrat, introduced the bill to eliminate vaccine exemptions

Rep. Beth O’Connor (by phone), District 5 Republican, who opposes the bill to eliminate exemptions

Matt Hogenauer (by phone), senior, Falmouth High School, who is immunosuppressed and wrote an op-ed in support of mandatory vaccinations

Patricia Endsley (by phone), MSN, RN, NCSN; Wells High School nurse; president, Maine Association of School Nurses