What Makes For Good Relationships?

Feb 14, 2020

On this Valentine’s Day, we discuss what makes a relationship successful — how do couples forge strong bonds, what is the difference between love and romance, and how important are issues like trust, compassion and communication? We will also talk about how dating has changed in today’s world, and how that can contribute to the quality of relationships that are formed.


Erin Oldham, Ph.D., is the founder of Local Flames, a social club for singles, that ran from 2014-2015. The club offered events, matchmaking, workshops and relationship coaching. She is currently an associate broker with the Gardner Real Estate Group in Portland.

Neil Sattin, relationship coach and host of the award-winning podcast "Relationship Alive!" offering practical, action-oriented advice from the world's top experts in relationships, communication, and intimacy. Neil is based in Portland.