Why China Matters

Jun 2, 2014

China, the nation, not the town near Augusta, is more than 6,000 miles from here. But China is increasingly connected to Maine. It is Maine's second largest export market, second only to Canada, and more and more Chinese students come here to study at Maine schools each year. Learn more about China, Maine's growing relationship with country and what the future might hold. What do we need to understand about this nation of one point four billion people? 25 years after the Tianamen Square crackdown, how has China changed? And what kind of opportunities might there be for small businesses who'd like to export their products to China's growing middle class?

Host Jennifer Rooks speaks with:

Bob Poole, Former VP of the U.S.-China Business Council; a Mainer whose banking and business career for 30 years has mostly involved China

Suzanne Fox, President, Fox Intercultural Consulting

Connie Zhu, Chinese language instructor and translator; former policy analyst with Maine Center for Economic Policy

Elizabeth Lacouture, Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies and History at Colby College