Winter Storm Targeting New England, Coast in the Crosshairs

Feb 14, 2015

Another snow storm is churning across the Northeast, bearing down on an already snow-weary New England. Winter Storm Neptune could drop more than two feet of fresh powder on top of a snow pack already three feet deep- or more-  in places.

Like the last three major storm systems, coastal areas from Boston to the Eastern tip of the Pine Tree State are expected to bear the brunt.

"The storm track is further south and east offshore, so we're on the cold side of the storm for the entire area." says meteorologist Eric Schwibs with the National Weather Service in Gray. That means, says Schwib,  the bulk of this winter's snow is falling in the most populous areas of the state: over Portland, the Midcoast, Downeast and into Bangor, rather than over the mountains where it might be more welcome.

This storm is expected to start Saturday afternoon in far Southern Maine, extend into Central Maine by Saturday night, with blizzard conditions over much of the state through Sunday. Parts of Downeast Maine could receive as much as 30 inches.