The Wood Brothers - "Kingdom In My Mind"

Feb 21, 2020

The Wood Brothers didn't know they were making a record. Looking back, they're grateful for that. 'If we had known, we probably would have been too self-conscious to play what we played,' reflects bassist/vocalist Chris Wood. 'At the time, we just thought we were jamming to break in our new studio, so we felt free to explore all these different ways of performing together without worrying about the form or structure. It was liberating.' Recorded live to tape, those freewheeling, improvised sessions became the material from which the Wood Brothers would go on to draw Kingdom In My Mind, their eighth studio release and the most spontaneous and experimental collection yet. I'm quoting from their promo material here because it best describes why the record sounds so alive. It's still the fabulous Wood Brothers sound, a meld of gospel, blues, jazz and R&B, but with an added freedom and joy that I haven't heard on their other recordings, or at least, not so profoundly. These guys are so good, smart and funny.

Well worth your time.

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