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Unannounced Active Shooter drills in schools are scaring America's students without making them any safer. That's one of the conclusions found in a new report released by the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. The report recommends that schools refrain from conducting unannounced active shooter drills, as well as prohibit drills that simulate gun violence.

Rob Wilcox is Everytown's deputy director of Policy and Strategy. He spoke with Maine Public’s Ed Morin.

Patty Wight / Maine Public

In less than two weeks, Mainers will cast their votes on a referendum that seeks to repeal a new law that removes religious and philosophical exemptions for vaccines.

New England Aquarium 2008

New acoustic monitors off Maine's coast have detected the presence of North Atlantic right whales this winter. Scientists are trying to gather new data on the endangered animals' whereabouts.

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Sharon Kennedy was sentenced to 48 years in prison on Friday for the murder of her daughter — in a case that helped lead to an overhaul of the state's child welfare system.

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

Ice harvesting was a thriving industry in 19th century New England. Using large, jagged-toothed saws, workers would cut heavy blocks from frozen rivers, lakes and ponds, pack it in sawdust and sell it around the world. Then came electric refrigeration, and ice-cutting became all but obsolete. But there are still a few places where the tradition is carried on.

Fred Bever / Maine Public

Central Maine Power (CMP) is turning to an old hand in its efforts to prop up its sagging reputation. David Flanagan, the company's CEO in the 1990s, will take over again, as "executive chairman" of the company's board.

Robert F. Bukaty / AP File

A legislative committee is questioning the legality of a lease for state lands that Central Maine Power needs for its proposed transmission corridor through Western Maine. Lawmakers say the lease requires approval from two-thirds of the Legislature.

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Super Tuesday is in two weeks. It will be the first time in twenty years that Maine Democrats and Republicans will vote in a presidential primary instead of a caucus.

Robert F. Bukaty / AP File

Tribal leaders, lawmakers, religious groups and others are urging passage of nearly two dozen recommended changes to the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Implementing Act by a state task force.

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Two Maine hospitals are listed on a federal government website that tracks the most serious quality deficiencies cited in the past six months. As the Bangor Daily News first reported this week, Maine Medical Center and York Hospital were both identified for patient safety issues.

Joel Page / AP File

A bill before state lawmakers would allocate $2 million to Maine Family Planning to make up for lost federal funds after the organization withdrew as a statewide grantee from the federal Title X program last year

Maine’s Department of Education is alerting districts that the state could lose more than $1 million in federal grants for rural and low-income schools. The change could reduce funding that has helped pay for technology, art and physical education teachers, and mental health counselors across many of the state’s small rural districts.

Democratic lawmakers in Maine unveiled a suite of health care proposals in Augusta on Tuesday that aim to protect patients from expensive medical bills. They’re calling it the Patients First Health Care Package.

David Goldman / Associated Press

Update: Feb. 13, 2020: In a press release, the DHHS announced that the individual in Maine tested for the 2019 novel coronavirus tested negative. Maine has no confirmed cases and the risk to the general public remains low.

The Maine Center for Disease Control is testing the first individual in Maine for the coronavirus.

Corrections officers, their union representatives and prisoner advocates told a legislative committee Monday that a chronic and severe understaffing problem is causing pressure that could boil over in the Maine State Prison. In addition, they say it’s costing the state more than $1.5 million a year in mandatory overtime.