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Attorneys representing Secretary of State Matt Dunlap and supporters and opponents of ranked-choice voting were grilled by Maine Supreme Court justices Tuesday in a case that could decide whether ranked-choice voting applies to the presidential election in Maine this fall.

This weekend, St. Joseph’s College President Jim Dlugos wrote a letter to the campus community saying that the school had detected nine cases of COVID-19 — most from a single residence hall — and would move to remote classes for the next two weeks.

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Usually the first sign of COVID-19 is a fever, cough or maybe a sore throat and shortness of breath. But at Saint Joseph’s College in Standish, the first sign of a recent outbreak of the disease appeared in the school’s wastewater — surveillance wastewater testing tipped off school officials to all nine cases before students developed symptoms.

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While Maine has maintained one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 in the country, it made national headlines earlier this year for having one of the highest positivity rates for Black and African American people.

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Both of Maine’s Senators are critical of President Trump’s public messaging around the COVID- 19 pandemic, in the wake of newly-released taped interviews in which Trump acknowledges he intentionally downplayed the seriousness of the novel coronavirus.

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On Thursday, the Maine Principals' Association released new COVID-19 prevention guidelines regarding fall sports in Maine high schools.

But some districts cancelled fall sports programs well before they got guidance from the Maine Principals Association. Among them was Deer Isle-Stonington, where Principal Dennis Duquette said boys and girls soccer have been cancelled, but golf and cross country will go forward. Duquette said it is just not possible to maintain social distancing in close contact sports such as soccer.

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A federal award of some $50 million to Maine lobstermen to compensate for losses created by the U.S. trade war with China is upsetting live lobster dealers and processors who were left out of the equation. Even some lobstermen are questioning the formula — and some observers see one key motivation behind the decision: presidential politics.

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Throughout the summer, Mainers have struggled over the decision of whether or not to send kids back to school. As part of Maine Public’s Deep Dive: Coronavirus project, we spoke with a number of teachers, including English and design thinking teacher Kate Meyer. She works at Mount Desert High School, which will start the year remotely, as it tries to assess the potential fallout from the tourist season before transitioning to a hybrid model September 28.

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The Calvary Baptist Church in Sanford, which has had a COVID-19 outbreak infecting 10 people, is not requiring its congregation or school students to wear masks, but, according to its attorney, the church is taking other precautions. Calvary Baptist made headlines after its pastor railed against state safety guidelines. Now that pastor is saying that he and his family have become the target of death threats. Sanford police, however, say they have not received reports of threats.


One of the biggest changes that students are facing as schools reopen this fall are new "hybrid" schedules, in which they may go to class just two or three days per week. That is also challenging for many parents who are now scrambling to find child care in a state where access and cost were major barriers, even before the pandemic.

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The return to the classroom this fall has been a major focus not only for parents, administrators and teachers, but also for the people who get up very early to deliver kids to and from school every day. As part of Maine Public’s Deep Dive: Coronavirus project, we spoke with one driver in the Belfast district who has spent a lot of time thinking about the challenges of keeping kids healthy, safe and in school:

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The Maine Supreme Court Tuesday issued a ruling in a case that could determine whether voters will use ranked-choice voting in the November presidential election. The case involves a citizen initiative that supporters are trying to get onto the fall ballot, but Tuesday’s opinion does not determine the fate of the ballot question itself.

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When COVID-19 first hit Maine last March, school buildings quickly shut down - first for two weeks, then for the rest of the school year - as a way to slow the spread of the virus. Learning continued online, but many students faced a lot of challenges, from limited internet access to the loss of school-based services. Now, as the virus continues to spread, the vast majority of schools are still preparing to open their doors once again.

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Many schools are reopening next week — including a private academy in Sanford run by a church that has an outbreak of COVID-19.

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The Maine Supreme Court is being asked to decide when a petition circulator needs to be a registered voter — before or after they turn in petitions for verification. This might sound narrow, but far more than that is riding on the court’s ruling, because this question is about ranked-choice voting in the presidential election.