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Every weekday, our Maine Calling program digs into topics and issues with listeners across the state in a statewide conversation. In 2020, the Maine Calling team will bring to the fore a series of bicentennial-focused topics that are certain to be thought-provoking and meaningful. We hope you will have a chance to join those conversations as the year unfolds. Special thanks to The University of Maine at Augusta, Dead River Company, and Modern Pest Services for their support of this special bicentennial programming.


  Our series of Your Vote 2012 interviews continue with Kevin Raye, President of the Maine Senate and Republican candidate for Maine's 2nd Congressional District in the June Primary Election.

Host Keith Shortall asked Kevin why he's running for office and which issues he believes are most important to the citizens of Maine.

Kevin Raye's website


Apr 10, 2012

  Confronting bullying. When kids harass kids, the effects can be devastating. Celebrities are speaking out against the problem and a newly released documentary shows how cruel bullying can be.

Host Keith Shortall spoke with:

Stan Davis, Former social worker and guidance counselor who writes and speaks about bullying prevention through his organization, Stop Bullying Now.

Kelly Hasson, Principal, Hall Elementary School in Portland. She has made progress in her school in addressing bullying.

Invest in Kids

Apr 5, 2012

  Early childhood advocates say that investing in the care and education of kids before they reach kindergarten yields big payoffs for our state’s future.

Host Irwin Gratz spoke with:

Ed Cervone, Senior Program Director and Operations Officer, Maine Development Foundation

Jim Clair, CEO Goold Health Systems, co-chair of Maine Early Learning Investment Group and (a newly formed group of high-level business leaders who support early childhood programs) 

  Our Your Vote 2012 interviews continued with Patrick Calder, Republican candidate for Maine's 1st Congressional District in the June Primary Election.

Host Keith Shortall asked the Eastport native why he's running for office and which issues he believes are most important to the citizens of Maine.

Patrick Calder's website

  The hefty cost of college—how can families pay for today’s rising tuition rates? It’s the season for that big decision about which college to attend, and financial aid plays a major part in that decision. How should families decipher the aid packages, and what other options make college costs more manageable? How to pay for college?

  Our series of Your Vote 2012 interviews will kick off with Benjamin Pollard, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. Why is the Blue Hill native running for office and which issues does he believe are most important to the citizens of Maine.

Host Keith Shortall spoke with Benjamin Pollard, Democratic candidate for the Senate seat now held by Olympia Snowe, in the June 12th Primary Election.

Benjamin Pollard's website

Maine Women Writers

Mar 29, 2012

The Maine Festival of the Book 2012 is March 29 thru April 1. The group "Maine Women Write," was founded in the fall of 2011 with a mission to celebrate and promote the works of Maine women authors.

  Host Keith Shortall spoke with with:

Liza Bakewell, author and Co-Founder and Co-Director of "Maine Women Write,"

Shonna Milliken Humphrey, author and local culture and food writer

and Deirdre Fulton/(Elizabeth Miles), author and staff writer at the Portland Phoenix.


  AARP recently rolled out 'You’ve Earned a Say,' a national conversation about strengthening health and retirement security. What are the questions that AARP is asking members and non-members to address?

AARP is moving the Medicare and Social Security debate out of the beltway to the communities across America. Host Keith Shortall spoke with 

Lori Parham, Maine State Director for AARP,

  Addiction, recovery and the role of the state. Maine has one of the nation's highest rates of opiate addiction. The legislature is considering limiting MaineCare funds used to help addicts in recovery.  What does this mean for patients, the state's budget and how best to address the epidemic?

Host Keith Shortall spoke with:

  March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Understanding and treating brain injuries.  Whether the result of a concussion, car accident or fall, brain injuries can strike at any time. They discussed the latest developments helping those who have suffered a brain injury. 

Host Keith Shortall spoke with:

Dr. Mark Kiefner, Clinical Director, Goodwill Neuro-rehab,

Dr. Paul D. Berkner, D.O., FAAP, Medical Director/Team Physician, Colby College; President of the Maine Concussion Management Initiative,

Freedom of Information

Mar 8, 2012

  A bill making its way through the legislature proposes to exempt the governor's 'working papers' from freedom of information laws. We got an update on LD 1805 and learned about tools for accessing public records and getting information on elected officials and those seeking office.  

Host Irwin Gratz spoke with:

  The topic discussed was Maine's critical shortage of dentists, and how a new dental school at the University of New England may help address the problem.  Also discussed were ways to overcome problems in the access to care and some of the latest trends and advances in dentistry.

Dental Care in Maine  - Jennifer Rooks spoke with:

Frances Miliano, Executive Director, Maine Dental Association

James Koelbl, Founding Dean, University of New England College of Dental Medicine, 

  Senator Snowe has decided not to run for another term in the US Senate. How does this affect Maine's political landscape? A special Your Vote 2012 90-minute Maine Calling explores the possible answers. 

Host Keith Shortall speaks with local and national guests and will take calls from listeners.

Food Trends of 2012

Feb 28, 2012

  The South Beach Food and Wine Festival took place at the end of February.  JM Hirsch was there covering it. We'll talk to him about the event and get Kathy Gunst's reactions.

Host Keith Shortall speaks with:

JM Hirsch, Head Food Writer for the AP and

Kathy Gunst, Chef and Author