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What happens when a family gets evicted from its home? What recourse is possible? And what rights do landlords have when tenants don’t pay the rent?

The mounting environmental crises American faces, including droughts, floods, hurricanes and coastal erosion, are profoundly connected and are affecting the lives of citizens in every corner of the country. We’ll learn the latest on the multitude of environmental issues facing the nation and hear about some practical solutions.

Entomophagy: The Case For Eating Insects

Aug 3, 2018

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (June 13th); no calls will be taken.

The practice of eating bugs is quite common around the world, but still elicits skepticism — or disgust — here in our country. Yet most of us eat insects without realizing it. We’ll learn about why adding insects to our diet could be good for our health, and the health of our planet.

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It's Super Thursday! We will listen back to excerpts from a few of our recent favorite Maine Calling episodes.

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The popularity of yoga continues to grow, and some tout the health benefits—for young and old—that can come from this physical, mental and spiritual practice.

The Month in Review: Analysis of July News in Maine

Jul 31, 2018

Our panel of Maine editorial page editors returns to discuss the news that made headlines in July.

Rabies in Maine: Prevention & Treatment

Jul 30, 2018
Anson Eaglin / USDA-APHIS/Flickr

There have been many reports of rabid animals in Maine recently. We’ll learn just what rabies is, whether it’s on the rise and what can be done to keep family — especially the four-legged variety — safe when outdoors.

Interest in the young adult literature genre is growing, appealing not only to young people ages 12-18, but adults as well. We’ll hear about some of the YA books out there, talk to Maine authors and learn about what makes this genre appealing to readers.

Veterinary Care & Advice

Jul 26, 2018

Summertime brings its share of safety and health issues for our pets, from hot weather to water dangers to vacation separation—not to mention ticks and other pests. We'll hear from our veterinarians about seasonal concerns and get answers to your pet questions.

From Portland to Rockland to Augusta, new murals have been popping up over the past few years on buildings and walls in public places. Some are the work of individual artists, others are community projects with lots of participants. Some promote social justice issues, others are just fun. We’ll look at the history and significance of murals, including the controversial mural moved from Maine’s Department of Labor in 2013. Also, we are encouraging listeners to email us photos of murals. So, if there’s one near your house, or if you encounter one while you are out and about, snap a photo of it and send it to

Why is it so difficult to admit when we are wrong? Our panel offers insights into why owning up to a mistake is so very hard for most people to do, and how this relates to conflict and divisiveness in today’s society.

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

There are currently about 2,500 people in Maine’s prison system, and the majority of those who are incarcerated will eventually be released. Each individual is then tasked with looking for a job, finding a place to live and finding health care, all on a truncated timeline. Several factors—like the case worker assigned to an ex-prisoner, family and resources on the outside—impact whether or not someone may be successful.

Grief has much deeper impacts and broader meaning than simply feeling sad when someone is gone. What are the different kinds of grief, and how do they affect people, whether young or old? What are some ways to address grief, and where can you turn for help?

Island Life in Maine

Jul 20, 2018

Life on a Maine island presents challenges, like transportation and services, as well as the benefits of a tight community and rich culture. We’ll learn about what sets island living apart, and hear about a new play that portrays a Maine island community.

Water Safety: What To Watch For in Maine

Jul 19, 2018

According to the American Safety Council, drowning is the second leading cause of death for people ages 5-24. Many people in Maine — even those who live by the ocean, lakes and ponds — don’t know how to swim. We’ll get tips on water safety, from learning to swim to best boating practices to the dangers unique to the ocean, lakes or rivers.