Voices of Giving - Heard on Air

9:06 am, M-F in November

Throughout the month of November, Maine Public will air a series of personal stories of giving on Maine Public Radio and post these stories over our social media channels.

All of our segments for this season have been recorded. If you are interested in participating next year, shoot us your story of giving to rsvp@mainepublic.org and we will forward your story to the selection committee.

Check back frequently & Enjoy!

The music used in Voices of Giving is by Scottish musician, composer and arranger Mike Vass. The song, Quiet Voices, is from his album "In the Wake of Neil Gunn," available online.

Brian Hamel

Nov 16, 2015

Acadia Weinberg

Nov 13, 2015

Jim Wellehan

Nov 12, 2015

Susan Weems

Nov 11, 2015

Ellen Golden

Nov 10, 2015

Sue Burge

Nov 9, 2015

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

Nov 6, 2015

Don Gean

Nov 5, 2015

Kevin Hancock

Nov 4, 2015

David Brancaccio

Nov 3, 2015

Meghan Charest

Nov 2, 2015