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  • 00000171-bbcb-dc93-afff-bbebb27d0000Thank you to our Your Vote 2016 sponsors: MEMIC, Lambert Coffin and the Colby Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civil Engagement.CONGRESSIONAL DEBATES:First District Congressional DebateWatch NowListen NowMore Coverage: Chellie Pingree Maine Calling, Mark Holbrook Maine CallingSecond District Congressional DebateWatch NowListen NowMore Coverage: Emily Cain Maine Calling. Note: Congressman Poliquin declined our invitation to appear on Maine Calling for a Your Vote 2016 profile.BALLOT QUESTIONS:Question 1 legalizes, regulates and taxes marijuana as an agricultural product.Watch NowListen NowMore Coverage: High Stakes: How Legalizing Pot Could Affect MaineQuestion 2 establishes a 3% tax on household income over $200,000 to increase public school aid.Watch NowListen NowMore Coverage: Mainers to Decide: Pay for Education Costs With Tax on Wealthy?Question 3 requires specific background checks for gun sales and transfers.Watch NowListen NowMore Coverage: Culture Clash: Mainers Takes Sides in Gun Control ReferendumQuestion 4 increases minimum wage to $12 per hour by 2020.Watch NowListen NowMore Coverage: Raising the Minimum WageQuestion 5 establishes statewide ranked-choice voting.Watch NowListen NowMore Coverage: Can Ranked-Choice Voting Improve Maine's Elections?, A Primer on Ranked- Choice Voting, produced by Minnesota Public Radio News.Question 6 issues $100 million in bonds for transportation projects.Additional Coverage:George Mitchell: 'From Mudslinging to Mutual Respect: How to Make Politics More Civil' (Watch Now), (Listen Now)Archive resources:Bruce Poliquin (R): Profile (2014), Maine Calling interview (2014)
  • This occasional series of interviews asks experts and advocates what COVID-19 has revealed about our world, and what we can learn for the future.
  • 00000171-bbcb-dc93-afff-bbebf77d0003Maine Public participated in an international reporting initiative, #coveringclimatenow to highlight the effects of climate change in the week leading up to the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Sept. 23, in New York City. More than 300 media outlets agreed to offer and, in some cases, share climate change stories of global, national state and local significance.The unusual collaboration was co-funded by Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation, with additional support from The Guardian. It is considered one of the most ambitious reporting efforts ever undertaken by world media on a single topic. Among the public media news outlets that signed on are PBS NewsHour, the Climate One podcast, KPCC in Los Angeles, KQED in San Francisco, Marketplace Tech, Science Friday, WBEZ in Chicago, WHYY in Philadelphia, WNYC in New York, WBUR in Boston and PRI’s The World.
  • 00000171-bbcb-dc93-afff-bbebd3b60000RESULTS:Question 1: York County CasinoYes, 57,230 - 17 percent* No, 285,074 - 83 percent570 of 584 precincts - 98 percentQuestion 2: Medicaid Expansion* Yes, 202,456 - 59 percentNo, 141,033 - 41 percent570 of 584 precincts - 98 percentQuestion 3: Transportation Bond* Yes, 246,064 - 72 percentNo, 95,560 - 28 percent570 of 584 precincts - 98 percentQuestion 4: Constitutional Amendment* Yes, 208,094 - 63 percentNo, 122,325 - 37 percent570 of 584 precincts - 98 percentSTATEWIDE BALLOT QUESTIONS:Question 1 allows a certain company to operate a gambling facility in York County.Maine Calling: Question 1: GamblingMore Coverage: How An Embattled Developer Fought To Get A Maine Casino Up For Statewide Referendum and Among Southern Maine Business Owners, Support For Casino A CrapshootQuestion 2 expands Medicaid to approximately 70,000 more Mainers.Maine Calling: Question 2: Medicaid ExpansionMore Coverage: Outcome Of Maine's Lengthy Medicaid Expansion Battle Now In Voters' HandsQuestion 3 authorizes a $105 million infrastructure bond.More Coverage: Maine Voters To Decide Fate Of $105M Borrowing Package For Roads, BridgesQuestion 4 amends the Maine Constitution regarding state pensions.More Coverage: Question 4, Making Changes To State Pension System, Has Broad SupportLOCAL BALLOT QUESTIONS:In Portland, voters decided whether to:Rehabilitate four schools, two schools, or none. (read more here)Establish tenants' rights and rent stabilization measures. (read more here)In Lewiston and Auburn, voters decided whether to consolidate municipalities into Lewiston-Auburn. (read more here)Scroll down for more stories on Maine's 2017 elections, which took place Tuesday, Nov. 7.
  • 00000171-bbcb-dc93-afff-bbebbff20000We want to know what matters to young people today. We've all got an issue, a belief, an idea that drives us forward, something that really matters. Raise Your Voice! is Maine Public's online platform for ideas and perspectives from students across the state. We reach a broad audience interested in education, supporting young people, and especially, in hearing what today's youth have to say.
  • The Rural Maine Reporting Project is made possible through the generous support of the Betterment Fund.
  • Somali language videos for Maine Public News Connect
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  • 00000171-bbcb-dc93-afff-bbebb78a0000The Maine Education Project explores student-centered learning from early childhood through college and beyond. The project is funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, which is working to encourage a transformation of public schools toward places that create learning opportunities to engage and inspire all students to meet challenging standards.Spearheaded by Robbie Feinberg, education news producer, and Dave Boardman, education program coordinator, the project seeks stories about innovative learning in Maine’s classrooms and educational institutions and connects with the voices of students, educators and policymakers as they look at solutions to the challenges facing education today. We highlight the perspectives of students and educators, and provide curriculum resources for writing about education and finding success through our Raise Your Voice! initiative.Have a story suggestion? Contact the team at MaineEducationProject@mainepublic.org.
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