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World Affairs

Wednesday, November 1 at 2:00 pm

ENGAGE | The Future of Post-ISIS Iraq

While the shadow of violent extremism still looms large over the Middle East, many in and outside of Iraq have begun to contemplate the divided nation’s future. While the military campaign against the Islamic State is winding down after the liberation of Mosul, the Iraqi government and its partners now face the daunting task of stabilizing the country, rebuilding its cities and rooting out additional ISIS elements while nurturing a delicate sectarian balance.

Dr. Peter Bartu, expert and former adviser in Middle East political transitions, discusses the future of post-ISIS Iraq. How can the Iraqi government begin to move beyond the most recent phase of violence? How will security forces contend with a legacy that blurred the lines between insurgency and ideology? How can sectarian tensions be managed? And what lessons can Iraq’s recovery provide for a region roiled by unrest?

As part of our "Engage" series, this event features a short, off-the-record post-discussion Q&A with the speaker and moderator.

Peter Bartu
Lecturer, International and Area Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Amy Walters
Reporter and Producer, Reveal, Center for Investigative Reporting

To listen to the audio of “ENGAGE | The Future of Post-ISIS Iraq” on World Affairs online, please click HERE.