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America Amplified Special from the New England News Collaborative

Friday, October 9 at 2:00 pm

Racism In New England

New England’s abolitionist past hides a darker history of slavery in the region. It’s a legacy that still affects communities across the region, from housing and education to health outcomes for people of color.

Join Maine Public, America Amplified and the New England News Collaborative for a special upcoming four-part series - “Racism in New England."  Each of the four broadcasts will be hosted by a collaborative member station and will focus on different topics related to racism: housing, disparities in education and health, and the ongoing conversation around the protest movement. The series will look at the issues from a regional, New England perspective and incorporate listener questions and engagement.

Peter Biello will host the fourth broadcast. Biello, NHPR’s local host of All Things Considered, will cover the effects that racism has had on education.