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Crash Barry, author of "Marijuana Valley"

Crash Barry in the MPBN Portland Studios

The true story of a free-loving (and smoking) fringe community growing Maine’s most valuable crop. Author Crash Barry explores Maine's secretive marijuana subculture. Crash tells tales, based on hundreds of hours of research, of growing, harvesting and testing the product. We're talking about pot in Maine, and how legalized medical marijuana changed everything.

When Maine's most recent medical marijuana law passed in 2009, it provided a business opportunity for a lot of people - including pot growers and distributors who wanted to become "legit" and make good money off their crop. Of course, the law did not create the marijuana industry in Maine - it had been well-established and thinly underground for decades. Maine journalist and author Crash Barry knows that world well. He has spent years reporting on and writing about the evolution of the pot culture here... and now has a new book called Marijuana Valley, which he based on an actual grow operation which began in 2010. I'm Jennifer Rooks, today on Maine Calling, we'll talk with Crash Barry about what some say is the state's most valuable crop. Maine Calling learns about Maine's marijuana industry. But first, this news update.


  • Crash Barry, journalist, author of Marijuana Valley.

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