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Chamber Music: Exploring The New Sound and Style of Chamber Music


Time for Three describes their music as standing “at the busy intersection of Americana, modern pop and classical music. To experience TF3 live is to hear the various eras, styles and traditions of Western music fold in on themselves and emerge anew.”

Members of the group join Portland Chamber Music Festival Artistic Director Melissa Reardon to talk about their stories, what distinguishes their approach, growing worldwide interest in the old art of chamber music and to preview upcoming music festivals in Maine. And they’ll play live in our studio.


Melissa Reardon, violist; artistic director, Portland Chamber Music Festival; founding member and interim executive director, East Coast Chamber Orchestra

Nicolas “Nick” Kendall, violin, vocals, Time for Three; trained in the Suzuki method, which his grandfather, John Kendall, brought to America in the 1960s, Nick continues the teaching tradition

Charles Yang, violin, vocals, Time for Three; a Julliard graduate, he was the recipient of the 2018 Leonard Bernstein Award and was described by the Boston Globe as one who "plays classical violin with the charisma of a rock star"


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