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Mistrust of Government: Political Scientists Discuss New Book About How Trust in Government Has Eroded in America

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Today’s program kicks off a series of Maine Calling shows about the mistrust and misinformation that are prevalent in our society.
Political scientists Amy Fried and Norm Ornstein discuss the possible roots of mistrust of the government and how events of the past half century may have led the groundwork to today’s war on truth. Fried's new book argues that conservatives have weaponized distrust, from Barry Goldwater to Donald Trump. Ornstein will offer the conservative counter-perspective.

Amy Fried, John Mitchell Nickerson Professor of Political Science at the University of Maine; author of Muffled Echoes and Pathways to Polling
Norman Ornstein, emeritus scholar at the American Enterprise Institute; contributing editor for The Atlantic; author of numerous books

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Jonathan was born in Monsey, New York. A field trip to Washington, DC when he was in 7th grade started him on his circuitous path to a career in public radio. The trip inspired a love of politics and led to his desire to one day call DC home. After graduating from Grinnell College, he worked on a couple of campaigns in Iowa (presidential and congressional) and moved to Washington, DC.