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Understanding how misinformation shapes politics & behavior, and contributes to a polarized society

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This show is a rebroadcast of an earlier program (original air date Sept. 27, 2021); no calls will be taken.

The widely differing beliefs of Americans today are evident in those who choose to get vaccinated and those who do not. We delve into how misinformation plays a role in how beliefs are formed, and how people behave in polarized ways. We'll talk about the role of politics, the media and other societal influences in how we process information and form opinions.

Brendan Nyhan, James O. Freedman Presidential Professor, Department of Government, Dartmouth College; his research focuses on misperceptions about politics and health care
Daniel Stone, associate professor of economics, Bowdoin College; his research involves behavioral economics, bias in politics and media, polarization and belief formation

Information about Dan Stone's work withe MediaTrades
Brendan Nyhan's Bright Line Watch - researching the state of democracy in the U.S.

Jennifer walked into her college radio station as a 17-year-old freshman and never looked back. Even though she was terrified of the microphone back then — and spoke into it as little as possible — she loved the studio, the atmosphere and, most of all, the people who work in broadcasting. She was hooked. Decades later, she’s back behind the radio microphone hosting Maine Public Radio’s flagship talk program, Maine Calling. She’s not afraid of the mic anymore, but still loves the bright, eclectic people she gets to work with every day.
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