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Why 'body neutrality' is the new focus in discussions about body image


Our culture has long emphasized the link between body image and self-esteem. Social media further accentuates the idea that the way your body looks defines your appeal to others--especially among girls and young women. A reaction to this has been a move toward "body positivity” —that all body types are deserving of respect. But beyond this is "body neutrality," which takes the attention away from considering the body as positive or negative—it's simply something that enables you to function. We explore the meaning and goals of this shift in thinking.

Dr. Amelia Couture Bue, assistant professor of media studies, Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Maine
Kathryn Best, licensed clinical social worker, Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Anne Poirier, founder, Shaping Perspectives: A Woman's Way to Joy; author of The Body Joyful; intuitive eating counselor and body confidence coach

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