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Today’s poem is “Thirst” by Mary Tracy. She helped found Friends School of Portland and served as its Director of Studies and middle school language arts teacher. Her greatest pleasure was helping students discover that they could write well and powerfully. Her work has been published in Balancing Act 2, by Littoral Books.
She writes, “It was one of those poems that unrolled pretty much in order and was fun to play with as I tried to paint the beauty and elegance of the calla lilies. The ending surprised me enough that I knew it was true - I wasn't just longing for spring, I was desperate.”

by Mary Tracy

I placed flowers in my bedroom
on a cold March day

a luxury, I used to believe
until this bright freeze

calla lilies unfurling
gently, precisely

ballerinas barely arcing
with dark pink rims

whispering peony fuchsia
rose begonia

bleeding lightly
into creamy goblets

each with a verdant spine
seaming upward to a thin point

and downward green
veins funneling

into a hollow stem
unmarred by leaf or thorn

a sleek throat for

in measured
sips, not

gulping like I am
at winter’s end

Poem copyright ©2019 Mary Tracy.