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Go with the Sun

Today’s poem is “Go with the Sun” by Jacqueline Moore. She was born in Greenwich Village in 1926 and has lived in London, Warsaw, and Boston, where she studied poetry with Seamus Heaney. She lived for many years off the grid in a cabin in Morrill, Maine. She now lives in Portland. Her most recent collection of poetry is Chasing the Grass (Littoral Books, 2019).
She writes, “Some deep-seated conviction or sudden visual impact triggers a poem - a few lines caught on the fly and expanded. 'Go with the Sun' is based on an old man who taught me how to find my in the deep woods by reading signs and come out in the sun.”

Go with the Sun
                    -Fred’s directions for getting there
by Jacqueline Moore

Bring no one.
       Leave everything behind
               and wear old boots.

Pasture’s grown up
        to thistle and juniper
               but you’ve got my wheel ruts

from the last time
      I cleared the far field.
               Follow those ruts

around the telephone pole
         with no voice to it.
                No wires.

Watch out
         for the old well.
                Cover’s rotted.

Get the sun
        Just right,
                and go with it

as far as the bedstead
        uncoiling springs
                among the blackberries.

Look for the blaze orange
       I tied over a branch.
                That’s your opening.

Go downhill
       over stone and swamp
               and the Devil’s own bugs.

Keep my wall to your right.
       Take your good time
               and save your feet.

Then climb the fire road
      to the old cedar hole
               where I was born.

You’ll bury me there
    and plant my headstone
            in  the Pearly Everlasting.

“Go with the Sun” copyright 2019 by Jacqueline Moore. Reprinted from Chasing the Grass (Littoral Press 2020) by permission of the publisher and the author.