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Since the onset of the pandemic, the already prevalent problems of scams have gotten worse, often using some reference to COVID-19 to target people--particularly older people. Some pose as contact tracers to get private information; others claim to offer cures or tests--for a price--to prey on victims. We will learn about the nature of these scams, and what to do to spot them--or to deal with the aftermath if you've fallen for one.   

Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey has filed a civil rights complaint against a Portland man for allegedly threatening and using violence against a lesbian woman in the Northgate Shopping Center in Portland July 3.

Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey says he is prioritizing a review of a case from 2007 in which a former Waldoboro police officer was found to have been legally justified when he shot an 18-year-old following a traffic stop. 

BANGOR, Maine - A Maine district attorney says she will prosecute a former police officer who shot and killed a teenager if the state doesn't.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's attorney general has joined a group of 20 of his peers to call for the Trump Administration to take steps to make sure meat and poultry processing facilities are safe for employees.

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It’s been just shy of a year since Aaron Frey went from being a state legislator and criminal defense lawyer in Bangor to managing one of the largest law firms in the state with more than 115 lawyers and 80 support staff.

Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey has joined a coalition of colleagues in other states that is seeking to protect access to abortions.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's attorney general is joining with dozens of colleagues to call for websites to crack down on illegal sales of alcohol over the internet.

Just two days after the Trump administration revoked California's right to set its own emissions standards for automobiles, the state has fired back.

California, 22 other states and several major cities filed a lawsuit in federal court Friday against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is the division of the Department of Transportation that issued the rule revoking California's authority.

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The Trump Administration has been active with efforts to roll back some parts of federal clean air laws, which govern everything from coal-fired electric plants to motor vehicle emissions. In many cases, the efforts have been made through rule making. Some state attorneys general, including Maine’s, have joined together in trying to block those changes.

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Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family that owns the company have proposed a settlement for thousands of lawsuits filed against the company for its aggressive sales of the addictive pain drug Oxycontin. Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey says the state will not accept the deal.

Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey has joined four other state attorneys general in a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration's new "public charge" rule that makes it harder for immigrants to get green cards and become citizens.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's attorney general is joining a group of his peers in a lawsuit calling for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to better regulate asbestos.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A Democrat will serve in a seat left vacant by a former lawmaker who's now the state's attorney general.

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Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey has joined with 15 other states in a lawsuit seeking to overturn President Trump's emergency power declaration to build a wall on the border with Mexico.