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The Maine Voting and Elections Coalition is submitting a petition to Gov. Janet Mills this week asking her to assure that the July primary is as accessible as possible.

BANGOR, Maine - A new study suggests that as more people retire, inadequate personal savings means the taxpayers will have to take on more of the burden. 

"With an aging Maine workforce moving into retirement increasingly reliant on public assistance, that cost to the state it likewise increasing," says Amy Gallant, advocacy director for AARP Maine, which commissioned the study.

States and the federal governments must address the barriers to saving for retirement, says Gallant, or the burden on taxpayers will continue to grow.

Democrats have joined forces with a senior citizens group in trying to bypass Governor Paul LePage, by issuing a voter approved housing bond that right now is stalled at the governor's office.

PORTLAND, Maine - AARP Maine is warning residents of a new telephone scam that's hitting the state, designed to bypass people's computer security.

"This is the first time that we've heard about it," says Jane Margesson, from AARP.

Margesson says the scam came to light this morning after several residents of Aroostook County reported receiving a telephone call from a bogus company claiming to be investigating a computer virus.

A new survey from AARP Maine reveals that over-50 set is concerned about financial security, and maintaining their independence as they age. That may be no surprise, but the findings also reveal that many older Mainers fear they will never be able to retire. The results were gleaned from telephone calls to some 2,000 AARP members.