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Secretary Dunlap returns to discuss the state’s new absentee ballot tracking service, the latest on ranked-choice voting and election integrity. We expect Sen. Angus King to join us to discuss election security measures and why the public should not expect to know the outcome of the presidential race on election night.

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Secretary of State Matt Dunlap discusses the recent primary election, including how absentee ballots and ranked-choice voting worked out. We'll find out what is in store for the November election, including the debate over a CMP corridor ballot referendum. He'll also offer updates on how well the U.S. Census response has been among Mainers, and he'll answer your motor vehicle questions.

School Absenteeism

Jan 8, 2014

School Absenteeism Edit | Remove

  A panel of Educators discussed ways of addressing the problem of school absenteeism. What is the link between elementary school attendance and high school graduation rates, and what is being done to keep kids in school, to combat chronic absenteeism, and to make parents, and those in the school system, more accountable for having school age children make it to class.

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by