Adrienne Bennett

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Update July 15, 2020: State elections officials have confirmed that the winner of Maine's 2nd District Republican congressional race will be determined by ranked choice voting. 


The Republican primary to determine who will face Democratic U.S. Congressman Jared Golden in November could be heading for a ranked-choice voting run-off, despite concessions from the two candidates who trailed in the three-way contest. /

As part of Maine Public's coverage of election issues throughout the year, we feature this Your Vote 2020 interview with candidates who will be on the ballot during the primary election on July 14.

We speak with two Republican primary candidates for election to the U.S. House to represent Maine's 2nd Congressional District. They'll discuss their views on current events, the issues they are prioritizing, and what they feel voters need to know about them.

Knocking on doors and meeting personally with voters has long been crucial to political campaigns in Maine. Voters often like to talk to those who want to represent them in the legislature or in Congress. But the coronavirus pandemic has changed how candidates campaign.

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New campaign spending reports show that Eric Brakey is raising more money than the other two GOP contenders in the 2nd Congressional District primary race.

Adrienne Bennett for Congress

There are currently three Republicans seeking their party's nomination to challenge incumbent Democrat Jared Golden in this November's 2nd District Congressional contest. As part of our Your Vote 2020 election coverage Maine Public is asking each of them about the issues that pollsters have identified as being most important to Republican voters.

Senior Political Correspondent Mal Leary spoke with Adrienne Bennett, who served as Press Secretary to former Gov. Paul LePage about health care, the opioid crisis and — of most concern to Republicans — taxes and spending:

AUGUSTA, Maine - The long-time press secretary of Maine's Republican governor is stepping down.
Gov. Paul LePage says that Adrienne Bennett will leave in August for a marketing and communications position at Kennebec Savings Bank. The governor's term ends in 2018.
Her last day will be Aug. 2.
The governor said she maintained composure while dealing with a hostile media interested in sensationalism.
Bennett is a former television reporter and is a member of the Maine Domestic Violence and Abuse Commission.