Aqua Ventus

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Gov. Janet Mills is calling for a 10-year moratorium on new ocean-based wind-energy projects in state waters — and she’s promising a modest slowdown of a state-led effort to site 12 turbines in federal waters. The moves come after concerns raised by the state’s commercial fishing industry.

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Gov. Janet Mills on Friday announced an ambitious, state-led effort to build as many as 12 floating wind-energy turbines off Maine’s coast.

VolturnUS and Maine Aqua Ventus

The University of Maine's effort to pioneer floating offshore wind technology took a $100 million leap forward Wednesday with the announcement that two industry heavyweights are going to invest in development of the project near Monhegan Island.

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Gov. Janet Mills is launching an effort to test whether the midcoast town of Searsport has potential as a hub for the development of wind energy off Maine's coast.

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A new task force will convene for the first time Thursday to consider how and where to lease potentially vast swathes of the Gulf of Maine to offshore wind-energy developers. The outcome could have big consequences for Maine's fishing industry, and for the state's role in the next wave of renewable energy development.

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Maine's Public Utilities Commission has approved a project that will test a floating platform that will hold up to two wind turbines, near Monhegan Island.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Advocates for offshore wind power want lawmakers to jumpstart a University of Maine-led project by directing utility regulators to approve a power contract.

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Maine regulators are putting a hold on an innovative offshore wind project’s proposed contract to sell electricity to Central Maine Power, the latest twist in Aqua Ventus’ attempt to test a floating turbine platform near Monhegan Island.

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Several hundred Midcoast Maine residents have signed a petition opposing the planned Maine Aqua Ventus wind power project off Monhegan Island.

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An ongoing dispute over a planned 12-megawatt floating offshore wind operation off Monhegan Island has now taken stage before the Maine Legislature.

Sen. Dana Dow, a Waldoboro Republican, has submitted a bill that would move the current project site a little more than two miles from the island to an area that would be more than 10 miles away.

The proposed construction of two 600-foot wind turbines less than three miles offshore has become a divisive topic on Monhegan Island. One group of residents claims it had no idea that what began as a small pilot project by the Maine Aqua Ventus partners was going to evolve into the two massive floating structures.

ORONO, Maine — Maine's offshore wind power project has received a shot in the arm, in the form of a $3.7 million federal award.

A Norwegian company that dropped its plans to build a wind farm off the Maine coast after Republican Gov. Paul LePage intervened in the approval process has invested $2.5 billion in the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm off the coast of Norwich, England, the Portland Press Herald reports.