Atlantic herring

PORTLAND, Maine - A major fishery off New England will be slowed down considerably in September in an attempt to protect the fish's population.

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Democratic Gov. Janet Mills and Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins are calling on the federal government to provide disaster assistance to the state's herring industry in the wake of what they call the fishery's failure.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine officials want to close a lobster bait fishery to newcomers while they develop new management, licensing and an enforcement plan.

The Portland Press Herald reports Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Pat Keliher will present a plan to freeze the fishery at its current size for two years to state lawmakers on the Marine Resources Committee in February.

PORTLAND, Maine - The reopening of the fishery for a species of schooling fish could boost Maine's lobster industry during a season in which its favored bait might be hard to come by.

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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Lobster fishermen will likely have to contend with another deep cut to the availability of bait next year.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Fishermen of a key bait species might soon learn how much of a reduction in catch they will face in the near future.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Interstate fishing managers have approved new protections for an important species of small fish that they hope will help reverse an alarming trend in the fish's population.

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Maine lobstermen are facing a major challenge as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) this month reduced the amount of Atlantic Herring fishermen can haul by more than half.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Interstate fishing managers are proposing options to try to better protect the Gulf of Maine's population of herring, which is a valuable fish that has declined in recent years.

PORTLAND, Maine - Interstate fishing regulators say the quota is almost tapped out in one of the most productive herring fishing areas of the Northeast, and they're shutting the fishery down for the rest of the month.

YORK, Maine - Part of the New England herring fishery will be shut down for two weeks to allow the fish to spawn.
The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission says samples from Massachusetts and New Hampshire show a high number of spawning herring in the area. That means a stretch of coast and ocean from Cape Cod to southern Maine will close from Oct. 29 to Nov. 11.
The commission says herring boats will not be able to take or possess Atlantic herring and must have all fishing gear stowed when transiting through it.

PORTLAND, Maine - Fishing regulators say they are increasing the amount that harvesters can catch of a key bait fish off the East Coast.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says it is allowing about 2.2 million pounds more Atlantic herring quota in the inshore Gulf of Maine area until Dec. 31. The agency says the increase is due to an under-harvest by some fishermen in New Brunswick, Canada.

MYSTIC, Conn. - Federal fishing regulators are considering a host of alternatives about new ways to manage the herring fishery.
Atlantic herring is a major industrial fishery on the East Coast, with fishermen frequently bringing more than 200 million pounds of the little fish to shore every year.
Herring are used as human food and bait for other fisheries, such as lobsters. The catch of herring off of New England has been inconsistent in recent years, leading to volatility in the lobster bait market.

PORTLAND, Maine — Interstate fishing regulators say the rules for fishing Atlantic herring have changed in an attempt to reduce waste.

An amendment to the herring rules says the holds of the fishing boats where the catch is stored must be empty before the ship departs. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission says the change will encourage fishermen to harvest the fish in line with market demand.

PORTLAND, Maine - Federal fishing managers are gathering information to assess the impact of the herring fishery on other species and the ecosystem.

The New England Fishery Management Council is working on an amendment to the herring fishery that it says will account for the role of fishery within the ecosystem. It will also address the issue of localized depletion, which is what happens when fishing takes more fish than can be replaced locally or through migration.