Atlantic salmon

MILFORD, Maine - The Maine Department of Marine Resources says a tentative figure of 1,196 Atlantic salmon returned this year to the Penobscot River - the biggest number in eight years.

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A Maine restaurant is suing Atlantic salmon producers, alleging the companies are engaged in price-fixing.

EAST MACHIAS, Maine - An environmental group in Down East Maine says it will release thousands of salmon into a river next month as part of an effort to help grow the population of the species.

ST. ANDREWS, New Brunswick - A group that advocates for the conservation of Atlantic salmon says the North American catch has hit an all-time low, and signs are mixed about the salmon population's health.

MYSTIC, Conn. - Addressing the problems caused by dams is still the biggest challenge facing the recovery of the Atlantic salmon.

ST. ANDREWS, New Brunswick - A conservation group in Maine and Canada says it's concerned about a recent uptick in the harvest of wild Atlantic salmon off of Greenland.

Ambitious New Plan To Save Atlantic Salmon Has Big Price Tag

Feb 14, 2019

PORTLAND, Maine - The federal government has outlined an ambitious, potentially costly new plan to restore populations of Atlantic salmon in the eastern United States.

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State regulators have issued a wastewater discharge permit for an on-shore salmon farm proposed for the old Verso Mill site in Bucksport. Initially, Whole Oceans wants to grow 5,000 tons, and over the next 15 years expand that to 25,000 metric tons per year.

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A pair of conservation groups says it has struck a deal with commercial fishermen in Greenland and the Faroe Islands to protect thousands of vulnerable Atlantic salmon.

Commercial fishing for Atlantic salmon is prohibited in the United States, where the fish's Gulf of Maine population is listed under the Endangered Species Act. 

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A Norwegian company  plans to construct one of world's largest aquaculture farms in Belfast within the next two years. State and community leaders gathered in Belfast Tuesday to welcome Nordic Aquafarms.

Nordic Aquafarms CEO Erik Heim says his company plans to raise Atlantic Salmon for global distribution. The budget for the facility's first phase, says Heim, is $150 million, which he expects to grow to $450 to $500 million.

More Atlantic Salmon are Swimming in Penobscot, Down East Rivers

Jul 14, 2017
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On an average day in greater Bangor, most of the city’s residents pay little attention to the river that flows past, and even less attention to the invisible fish that are streaming northward in an annual return from the sea.

But the river flows on. And the fish, in various quantities each year, are there.

This year, fisheries experts at the Maine Department of Marine Resources say that there’s more Atlantic salmon in the Penobscot, and in Down East rivers than there have been in recent years.

EAST MACHIAS, Maine - A group that seeks to restore the endangered Atlantic salmon will release 200,000 of the fish into the East Machias River this week.

The Atlantic salmon has been declared endangered in 11 Maine rivers, including the East Machias. The Downeast Salmon Federation is among a number of conservation organizations that is focusing on restoring the salmon.

The federation started stocking the salmon on Tuesday and will continue until at least Thursday. The effort could run into next week.

PORTLAND, Maine - Producers of Maine farmed Atlantic salmon have received a "Good Alternative" rating from a California-based organization that evaluates the ecological sustainability of wild caught and farmed seafood commonly found in the U.S. marketplace.  

This is first time the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program has awarded that rating to salmon raised in offshore pens in North America.

Efforts to bring back the populations of salmon and other migratory fish in Maine include some success stories and some struggles.

Guests:  Catherine Schmitt, Science writer and author of “The President’s Salmon”
Andrew Goode, Vice president US Programs at the Atlantic Salmon Federation
Laura Rose Day, Executive Director of the Penobscot River Restoration Trust
John Banks, Director of the Department of Natural Resources for the Penobscot Indian Nation

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A recent decision by fishery regulators in the Danish territory of Greenland is raising concerns for conservationists here in Maine. They're worried that Greenland's newly-established commercial fishing quota could have a devastating impact on efforts to restore endangered Atlantic salmon to Maine rivers.