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Maine colleges and universities are announcing their plans for the fall as COVID-19 continues to alter campus life and instruction.

PORTLAND, Maine - Baxter State Park is reopening for day visits. The park on Monday is opening Togue Pond and Matagamon gates for vehicle access on the Tote Road.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of stress on college students. In just a few weeks, many have had to pack their bags and leave campus, then transition to new, online classes. And for those set to graduate this spring, the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic has many on edge and some rethinking their plans after graduation.

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There are still no reported cases of the new coronavirus in Maine, but both the University of Maine system and Bowdoin College announced Wednesday that students will no longer be allowed on campuses after spring break in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Both plan to continue classes online for the rest of the semester. Other campuses in the state are watching the situation closely, but are staying open for the time being.

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Bates, Colby and Bowdoin colleges are joining with others across the nation to support a program that attracts international students to their schools.

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A Bates College professor and team of students have created a molecule they say could be used to treat cancer, Alzheimer's and other medical issues. Their work has been published, and Bates is trying to patent the creation. The molecule, BOBCAT 339, was designed, conceptualized and tested by Bates students. Their professor, Andrew Kennedy, told Maine Public Radio's Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz that it was found to affect a process known as "DNA methylation."

Bates Will Use Largest Federal Grant In Its History For Video Database

Aug 16, 2019
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Bates College in Lewiston is set to receive $4 million from the National Science Foundation to create a scientific video database of scenes and images that people see every day.

LEWISTON, Maine - Signs featuring the neo-Nazi slogan, "It's okay to be white'' have been popping up near a Maine college campus.

Purposeful Work

Jan 17, 2018

This show will be broadcast live from Bates College

Now in its fourth year, Bates College's Purposeful Work initiative is a structured program of supported exploration, discovery, self-reflection, and skill-building designed to align students' interests and talents with the work they will ultimately pursue after graduation. The core philosophy is infused into all aspects of the Bates experience and has a proven track record. We’ll discuss how this program is fostering connections between Maine companies and the next generation of potential employees, and how the tenets of the program's philosophy can be leveraged at every career level.

Guests:  Clayton Spencer, President of Bates College

Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Lecturer, Associate Department Chair of Psychology, Bates College

Reed Mszar, Senior at Bates College

Bates College has received a $50 million gift, the largest in the school’s history.

The school says the gift will be used to support science, technology, engineering and math facilities. Bates College President Clayton Spencer says scientific knowledge, like all knowledge, is becoming more interdisciplinary.

“So we will build a new facility that emphasizes the crossfertilization of the scientific disciplines,” she says.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The ACLU of Maine is calling for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Gov. Paul LePage for violating the Voting Rights Act.

Zach Heiden says the governor was apparently trying to intimidate college students when he warned students who vote that the state will check to make sure they take all steps required to establish residency.

LEWISTON, Maine_ Civil Rights leader from Alabama, and congressman for Georgia, John R. Lewis, highlighted the far-reaching effect that colleges such as Bates have played in progressing civil rights in America. He talked of one of his own heroes,  educator Benjamin Mays, who was the son of former slaves. 

LEWISTON, Maine - Civil rights leader John Lewis is going to deliver the commencement address at Bates College.
President Clayton Spencer said Monday that the Georgia congressman's life and work "exemplify the animating values of this institution.''
Lewis will receive an honorary degree at its 150th commencement on May 29.
Bates has been open to men and women from all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds since its founding by Maine abolitionists in 1855.

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After receiving the largest gift in its history, Bates College in Lewiston will launch a new computer science program.

LEWISTON, Maine _ Driven indoors by inclement weather, nearly 500 students earned degrees Sunday, as Bates College held its 149th commencement ceremony.