The Brain-Stomach Connection

Mar 22, 2018


Why do we sometimes eat the entire bag of potato chips instead of just a serving (or two)? Why is it so hard to stick to a diet? We'll hear from two experts on why we eat the way we do, how to eat healthier, and the latest news from the world of good nutrition.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud is blaming  political tactics for the blow up over a controversial video that appeared on the Bangor Daily News website this week.

  Keeping our minds sound as we age. The latest science on how our brains change with time. Do crossword puzzles and brain teasers really help keep the mind in tip top shape?

 Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Amy Cotton, gerontological nurse practitioner and older adult health expert at Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems.

Dr. Clifford Singer, MD Chief of the Division of Geriatric Mental Health and Neuropsychiatry for The Acadia Hospital and Eastern Maine Medical Center. He is a geriatric psychiatrist and specialist in memory loss.

  March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. Understanding and treating brain injuries.  Whether the result of a concussion, car accident or fall, brain injuries can strike at any time. They discussed the latest developments helping those who have suffered a brain injury. 

Host Keith Shortall spoke with:

Dr. Mark Kiefner, Clinical Director, Goodwill Neuro-rehab,

Dr. Paul D. Berkner, D.O., FAAP, Medical Director/Team Physician, Colby College; President of the Maine Concussion Management Initiative,